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8:00 am
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The Art of the Possible: Tales from a gift planner

Tim Cestnick, FCA, FCPA, CPA(IL) CFP, TEP, Our Family Office Inc.

Tim Cestnick has a reputation as one of Canada’s most respected experts and public speakers in the area of tax, personal finance and strategic philanthropy. His work involves advising some of the most successful families in the country and his column in the Globe and Mail shares some of the nation’s most-read gift planning insights from these discussions. Tim knows our community. As part of the founding board of CanadaHelps and currently the board chair of the Burlington Community Foundation he will share several case studies of successful gift plans. He will also share thoughts on the current giving climate, and some fascinating new ideas that will considerably grow giving in Canada, but for advisors and charities increase the complexity of planning, receiving, receipting and managing the ongoing gift vision.

9:00 am
- 10:15 am


Cross-Border Giving – Practical Insights into Canada/U.S. Donations

Karen Cooper

Considering the close relationship between the U.S. and Canada and their citizens, many U.S. individuals, families, foundations, and corporations give frequently to Canadian charities. However, with so many similarities between the two countries, it is important to underscore the distinct differences when American citizens and residents give to Canada.  This workshop will provide a detailed overview of the various scenarios involved with cross border giving: gifts to universities (prescribed institutions and not), gifts to other Canadian registered charities, donors with Canadian-based property (or not), and various types of property (cash, securities, and land).

10:15 am
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Trust Issues


Trusts are a common tool in the estate planning context both those established during lifetime and those established by will. The objective of this presentation is to familiarize charities dealing with high net worth donors of the planning utilized by such donors and the challenges faced by them in considering philanthropy in their planning.

This session will provide the participants with an overview of the common law trust and its uses in charitable giving including such topics as what a trust is, how a trust is created, when a trust is valid, different types of trusts, the taxation of trusts and beneficiaries and whether and when a charity named in a trust should issue a donation receipt.

There will also be a discussion of evolving uses of trusts including charities holding business interests through a trust  and charities using trusts to jointly manage investments.

11:30 am
- 12:30pm


A Deep Dive Into the T3010 - Why the T3010 Matters to Gift Planners

Theresa L.M. Man, B.Sc., M.Mus., LL.B., LL.M., Carters Professional Corporation

The T3010 is the Annual Information Return that each registered charity must file. This session will discuss why the T3010 matters to gift planners, how information required in the T3010 affects gift planning; how gift planning affects the information to be reported in the T3010, and the new reporting of qualifying disbursements by way of grants to non-qualified donees. It will also discuss new changes to the T3010 in January 2024, such as tracking and reporting of gifts and funds held by charities. It is not just a tax return for accountants, but has real practical implications to gift planners. 

12:30 pm
- 1:30 pm


1:30 pm
- 3:00pm


Impact investing as part of gift planning

Ilse Treurnight, TwinRiver Capital

Donors are moving their endowment capital to impact investments for bigger impact in the areas they care about. How will this shape their gift planning? How can this bolster their philanthropy and strengthen donor partnerships?

3:00 pm
- 3:15 pm


- 4:30 pm


Working Better Together

Sharmila Khare. Director General, Charities Directorate. Canada Revenue Agency & Ruth MacKenzie, President & CEO, CAGP and Executive Director, CAGP Foundation

Join us for an engaging keynote from the Director General of the Canada Revenue Agency Charities Directorate, where we will explore how, as a community of charities, advisors, and donors, we can collaborate to ensure that charitable gifts are effectively made, received, receipted, and administered. Following the keynote, participate in a thought-provoking discussion between the Director General and CAGP’s CEO Ruth MacKenzie, who will address questions gathered from our delegates in advance. This session aims to provide valuable insights for charity staff and advisors involved in gift planning, empowering our sector to operate with enhanced efficiency, transparency, and accountability in philanthropic service to our donors and clients. Ultimately contributing to a stronger sector, country, and world.

4:30 pm
- 5:00 pm

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